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What do some of our clients have to say about our products, parts and service? Read below and find out.

"Hats off to you and your technical staff for all the support provided during the change out process of the two Type 'G' pumps we have on site. It is truly fabulous to work with an organization that makes one feel that 'my problem' is the most important issue of the day. Your professionalism and understanding of your products is greatly appreciated. It is because of your quick response that we are able to move onward today and get these pumps up and running. Again, thanks a whole lot and have a terrific holiday."

"I just want to drop you a note to let you know of the exemplary customer service from Anita over the last 2 days. I have had 2 different emergencies and needed quick answers. In times where most people hide behind their voicemail, and more time and effort is spent developing karate experts than shipping pumps, it was great to be able to hear from Anita with timely answers and a willingness to help resolve a problem. You need more people like Anita who will resolve problems to ship pumps and parts. Please let her know how much I appreciated her efforts."

"I wish to express my sincere gratitude for all the assistance rendered to
me in completing this project successfully. Thanks a Lot."

"As I said to Rick & James, it's a pleasure working with equipment suppliers as yourselves there are not many left like Peerless. We do have a second phase to this project in Bohai Bay so should it go ahead this year you will be hearing from us sooner than you think."

"Thank you for the prompt turnaround. We were able to replace a competitor's pump very quickly. Thanks again for your help."

"I finished collating and binding the submittal and sent to Bamford. Thank you for the quality and level of detail of those drawings. The submittals for this job by far, surpass the quality and level of detail of the documents prepared by other vendors. I will be keeping a copy of this as a sales tool."

"Test went well on pumps yesterday; S. will be forwarding you the curves and data. I would like to thank you and the people at Peerless for arranging my trip. I had a very interesting tour of the plant. S. was very helpful and looked after me, while M. conducted the tests and the shop staff did a great job in changing out the pumps to allow us to test all three the same day."

"F. Company gave us the order for this project net to Peerless not including freight. I have a copy of their customer's P. O. that included freight and start-up. Peerless personnel are handling the order entry for these pumps that included 5 BT's, 5 AE's, 4 F pumps and 2-8196's. I am sending this also to Indianapolis as they will need to come to you for the sign-off on the pricing that was agreed to. This makes it a clean sweep of ALL pumps for the first WTC (World Trade Center) project after 9/11; HVAC, Fire and Plumbing (not yet entered). This currently is the largest and most important project in New York City at this time. Thanks to all for your efforts."

"I. B. just called nearly euphoric about his visit to Peerless. He spoke so highly of you and your wife Maria and how gracious and good people you were to him, plus how T. also took him out to dinner. He enjoyed the professionalism and know-how in the factory, even enjoyed having a cigarette with the mechanics there. He felt appreciated and treated first class by all of you in Peerless and feels he sees the good people behind the quality equipment. He said he forwarded his signed approvals to the engineers as well as to the customer. He thanks you and everyone at Peerless for such special treatment. So do we. Please make sure that everyone, especially everyone in the shop, knows that we appreciate their efforts in getting the testing completed successfully and in such a short period of time."

"On New Year's Day the crew from the world's largest heavy equipment manufacturer called Peerless Pump's service technicians with an emergency - their Peerless fire pump was down. So much for the football games. The service man quickly and willingly, contacted the parts personnel and met them at Peerless' Indianapolis facility in order to gather the needed parts. On Sunday, January 2nd, two service technicians drove to Lafayette and proceeded to solve the customer's pump dilemma. The heavy equipment manufacturer's maintenance crew was so impressed with the customer service displayed by the Peerless Service Group that they asked them to fix their second fire pump that same week! In fact, they were so impressed with Peerless Pumps dedicated service, they've expressed the desire to work with Peerless Pump and their local distributor on preventive maintenance contract!"

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