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The case studies below are in PDF format for your reading and printing convenience. Simply click on the links below.

  Self-Priming Case Study:
Process, Waste-Water & Sludge Processing - Learn why one company chose LaBour Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps for their Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter machines.

  Mercury Pump Case Study:
Since Mercury has a specific gravity of 13.6, much heavier than water, questions surrounding use of a centrifugal pump were aired. The Taber made the cut. It is believed to be the largest mercury pump ever built. See how Labour-Taber helps an Oak Ridge National Lab.

  Entrained Air Case Study:
Read about how an Ohio-based chemical company used the LaBour TFA Triple Volute Pump to meet their extreme pump performance requirements.

  Tanker Truck Unloading Case Study:
Rail Car Tanker & Truck Unloading - Many convential pumps experience problems with entrained air. See how an industrial chemical production company solved this problem by using the LaBour Self-Priming pump.

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